Adults ENT

Otology and Audiology Unit

This Unit is organizad in 2 sections who take care of the diagnosis and treatment of ear pathology, the organ of balance and audition.

This Unit is organizad in 2 sections who take care of the diagnosis and treatment of ear pathology, the organ of balance and audition.

The Audiology Section is equipped with the last technological innovations.

  • It performs the diagnosis of hearing loss in children and adults by usual tests such as Audiometry and Tympanometry, as well as more specific tests such as Auditory Brainstem Response and Audiometric Steady-State Response.
  • It is specialized in the Diagnosis and treatment of Tinnitus, offering the newest protocols, with personalized therapies and a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Medical treatment and postural rehabilitation for patients with vertigo.
  • Hearing aid advice.

The Otologic and Neuro-otologic Microsurgery Section deals with the surgical treatment of the Audiologic Pathology.

  • By means of different Otologic Microsurgery techniques, it performs Stapedectomies, Middle Ear prostheses insertion, Osseointegrated Implants, Cochlear Implants…for hearing loss treatment.
  • Reconstructive Microsurgery of Chronic Otitis, tympanic perforations, cholesteatoma…by means of Tympanoplasty, Miringoplasty, insertion of grommets (ventilation tubes).
  • Otoneurosurgery Techniques for Skull Base and Ponto-cerebellar angle tumors approach, having a wide experience in the surgical treatment of the Acoustic Neuroma (Vestibular Schwannoma)…
  • Surgical Treatment of vertigo by intratympanic therapy and labyrynthectomy.
The nose is the air’s entrance door to our body, and one of the main facial esthetic elements. A correct nasal breathing is important for daily life, providing that a deficit of its function can cause ronchopathy, as well as alterations in night rest, physical exercise practice…
The nasal function can be altered in different ways: nasal septum deviation, deformities in the nasal tip and valve, inferior turbinate hypertrophy or thickening, rhinosinusitis, polyposis…

Fibroendoscopy, a fast and simple exam performed in our clinic, allows us to see the inside of the nose, and diagnose the problem. Sometimes other tests are required, such as CT-scan or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to complete the study.
Our department is part of the Functional Allergy and Otolaryngology Unit, that gives us the possibility to offer a global attention to a more and more frequent pathology in our population as it is allergy.

Surgery is often the treatment for nasal problems, and most of the surgical interventions use low-invasive techniques.

  • Septoplasty or nasal Septum surgery.
  • Functional Rhinoseptoplasty, when the patient wants to change the external aspect of his nose, apart from solving a respiratory trouble. We work in collaboration with Javier de Benito Institute, in the so called Integral Nose Unit, coordinating both the Otolaryngology and Plastic Surgery departments in the same intervention.
  • Inferior turbinates volume reduction by means of Surgery with New Technologies: CO2 Laser, Radiofrequency… It is a rapid, simple and effective treatment for turbinates hypertrophy which is perform under local anesthesia.
  • Endoscopic nasal and sinus surgery. Without external scars, it is the method of choice for sinusitis, polyposis or tumor treatment.
  • This Unit takes care of the diagnosis and treatment of the Facial Nerve derived pathology. The aim of our department is to offer a global evaluation in order to provide an accurate treatment avoiding the possible facial palsy sequels.
    Our department stands out above the rest as it is pioneer in the creation of the Facial Function Reparation Unit, being its main objective an integral treatment for Facial Palsy.
    The facial palsy does not only produce an important esthetic defect, but also a series of complications such as ocular lesions, swallowing and speech disorders…as well as the important psychological affectation that it entails.
    Through a work coordinated by the Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery and Rehabilitation Departments a multidisciplinary solution is offered to the patient, in order to achieve the best esthetic results. Together with the newest surgical techniques, a posterior rehabilitation work is carried out, as it is of major importance to optimize the results.

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    The ENT Department of the UID is structured in different subspecialized sections. The head and neck diseases section, assumes either the benign and malignant pathology of this region.

    • Voice pathology: benign lesions in the vocal chords, specialized in the voice professionals (teachers, singers, actors…).
    • Cervical pathology: salivary glands, thyroid gland, cervical cysts, cervical ganglia.
    • Ronchopathy and Apnoea surgery: a multidisciplinary approach together with the Pneumology department and the Dr. Estivill Sleep Clinic. Surgical Techniques with last generation equipment, CO2 Laser, radiofrequency…
    • Head and neck cancer (mouth, pharynx, lary): The assistential activity is carried out by the Head and Neck Oncology Unit, constituted by our department together with the Medical Oncology department lead by Dr. Rosell and the Radiation Oncology department. The aim is to offer a multidisciplinary and integrated approach of head and neck cancer in order achieve a rapid and effective treatment. The ENT Department has the ability to perform CO2 laser surgery, voice preservation surgery with partial techniques, phonation prostheses insertion, reconstructive surgery with pediculated and microvascularized flaps. Moreover, it offers a speech therapy support for swallowing and speech rehabilitation.