Emergency for Otorhinolaryngology

Emergency ENT Barcelona

The Medical and Surgical Group AMiQ offers ENT (Otolaryngology) emergency service 365 days a year. Unit of Otolaryngology and Allergy – Hospital Universitario Quirón Dexeus.

With a specialized on call team, patients are visited by ENT specialists during the day, giving telephonic support to the ER personnel (General Medicine, Internal Medicine) during nights, weekends and holidays.

By medical guidelines and protocols revised and agreed by the Emergency, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Otolaryngology Departments, we offer a complete medical evaluation of the patients visited in the ER Room.

The excellence of our Otolaryngology Emergency Department is based on the results themselves.

Continuing medical care in allergology

The Medical and Surgical Group (AMiQ) – Department of Otolaryngology and Allergy of Hospital Universitario Quirón Dexeus, offers preferential Medical care in allergic diseases without appointment.

Recently created, started its activity on the model of excellence of our Emergency Otolaryngology Department. Patients are evaluates preferentially by Allergy specialists during the day from 9am to 20pm at the office 1.4 (Floor 1)

AMiQ makes available to our patients Allergy Specialist for any clinical manifestations including:

  • Skin Allergy (acute urticaria (hives), eczema, insect bites, facial erythema, sunburn, allergy to topical creams and cosmetics.)
  • Allergic Asthma bronchospasm and asthmatic bronchitis.
  • Angioedema and palpebral conjunctivitis
  • Rhino – conjunctivitis, Congestion and sneezing, and seasonal nasal itching
  • Drug allergy reactions

With medical protocols agreed by the Unit of Otolaryngology and Allergy Hospital Universitario QUIRON Dexeus, we offer a complete Medical Assessment. Clinical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment will be performed, and if necessary derivation to the Hospital Emergency Unit.

Approximately 3000 visits a year, in less than 1 hour

  • Time between Admission and Triage: 9 minutes
  • Average Waiting Time for an ENT visit: 36 minutes.
  • Average time of Medical Report closure: 56 minutes
  • Statistics obtained from a sample of 5269 patients visited in the Emergency Department of Otolaryngology – AMiQ at Hospital Universitario Quirón Dexeus from 9 am to 20h.